one man design studio?
Actually, I think there are a couple more in my head.

Luckily, this doesn’t mean I work alone. While there are many projects I complete entirely, for clients needing something more, I have a network of creative individuals to help out with their many talents. This ensures that even if you come up with an idea or feature outside of my abilities, I can still make it happen!


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how much will this cost
And the best answer to this is, “well, how much do you have?”

Just kidding but it is sad that there are still design agencies doing the old “5 pages, 10 links and a contact form for $xxx.xx” deals. Every project is unique and should be treated as such and it is my belief that giving you a price right off the bat isn’t the best option for anyone. The full scope of your project, your budget and the details are all factors that go into making sure that the price is fair for both designer and client.

After we have a chance to do a face to face or phone consultation there should be enough information to provide an accurate quote, so contact 2GO Creative today and get the process started! I don’t guarantee that we have the lowest prices, but are pretty sure that you have a hard time finding the same quality of work for a better price!


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i need this yesterday
Yesterday? I was there once, lovely place.

You happen to be in luck, because due to breakthroughs in quantum-physics design theory, I can actually have that project done for you yesterday. Well, okay, maybe not, but it would be great wouldn’t it?

In the business world there is a well-known principle: Good, Fast, Cheap – pick two! There are always projects that require extra hours, lost sleep and worked weekends while trying to balance life and work. If current workload permits, we are glad to take on rush projects that are combined with reasonable expectations and an understanding that such time comes at a cost.


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my nephew does websites
or some variation of “I know someone who can do this cheaper…”

A comment along these lines usually indicates a strong desire to spend as little as possible.  While I wish that we could match every price you may have received, many times that is just not realistic.

Sometimes it also comes down to a belief that a family member, friend, goldfish, etc. that is interested in website design and has offered to “help out” would be the best route for your website. This may be fine for a personal blog or a starting band website, but it should never be the plan for a business, organization or anyone that needs to give off an established, professional appearance.

Another situation that comes up is when a business or organization decides to buy some “design software” to try and do their own website in-house. The end result usually means lost time, money and no suitable website. It isn’t realistic to expect employees with other duties and no or limited design experience to do comparable work to a designer who eats, lives and breathes design every day.

You wouldn’t trust your family vehicle to someone learning or “interested” in vehicle repair, or take your toothache to a highschooler planning to be a dentist we they grow up. So why trust the perception and image of your business, organization, church or even your band to chance? Go with a professional to get results you can trust!


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can’t i print this at kinko’s
Can you believe it? I got 2500 cards for $40!

Hand a potential business partner or client the results of a “budget printing solution” and you can be sure that your business card, brochure  or sales sheet will be added to the category of every other piece of “forgettable” print material. Without attention to detail, paper stock, inks and the finish, you can expect mediocre results every time.

Even worse is the decision to print your own business cards or fliers. If you are mowing lawns or babysitting, these are perfectly fine options. But there is a reason why you wear a suit to an interview; appearances count and your printed materials are no exception.

I have connections with various print shops to ensure that your materials are done according to specification from beginning to end. Allow me to help create that extra point of contact with your clients, customers or contacts.


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my logo was designed in Word

or “here is a small JPG of my logo, it is all we have.”

If you have read the previous sections, you are probably noticing a pattern. Going the cheap route never benefits your business or organization. Often a startup will have their logo designed by a company that doesn’t specialize in logos so all there is to work with is a small image file not suitable for print or design work. Logos designed in Photoshop, Paint or MS Word are not usually proper logos but you are in luck, we do logos as well!

Word to the wise: A correctly designed logo can be easily adapted to any size or format and can’t be reproduced in Microsoft Word!


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do you do free mockups
I do for all my paying customers!

In two words: No, sorry. While it is understandable that you want to make sure the “right” design is possible before committing financially, speculative work requires a designer to commit financially in terms of lost time without knowing if you are the “right” client.

If, after looking through the work in my portfolio, you are not sure about 2GO Creative, I encourage you to call or email so we can further discuss what you need from a designer.

We also recommend the following article concerning speculative work:


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